U.S. Banking Solutions for Foreign Nationals

Vantage Bank simplifies banking for foreign nationals by offering a range of services for both personal and business needs. We especially work with Mexican nationals, who travel frequently across the border, with a full range of services.

Personal Banking Services

1. Personal Checking Accounts

Consumers have the choice between Vantage Rewards Checking, Vantage Personal Checking, and Vantage Personal Interest Checking options.

Vantage Premier Checking is great for large corporations and business owners that require a financial service personalized to cater to the needs of the clients.

With Vantage Rewards Checking, you can earn a competitive rate on balances up to $50,000 by meeting three easy qualifiers each statement cycle. Qualifiers include receiving e-statements via online banking; making at least 15 debit card purchases of any amount; and, establishing 1 direct deposit of $250 or more or 1 ACH debit. Additionally, if all qualifiers are met within the statement cycle, the bank will refund all ATM surcharges incurred within the U.S. during the statement cycle.

Vantage Personal Interest Checking is ideal for professionals or individuals that maintain a high daily balance that they’d like to earn high interest on.

Vantage Personal Checking is best for the average individual, with a low to no balance requirement for this checking account.

Vantage also offers Money Market Accounts and Certificate of Deposit.

All of these accounts come with online banking and bill pay services for foreign nationals. Compare these checking accounts here.

2. Mortgage Lending

Vantage Bank offers mortgage loans to foreign nationals who want to buy, build, or refinance their second home or investment property in the United States. Contact a mortgage lender for more information.

3. Foreign Currency Exchange

Vantage has a simple currency exchange process and very competitive rates. This service is ideal for anyone regularly trading or transferring currency between countries, such as Mexico and the U.S. Contact our FX department for current exchange rates.

Banking Solutions for Businesses

1. Business Checking Accounts

Vantage Bank offers a full suite of products for foreign companies conducting business in the United States such as Mexican produce companies who sell/buy materials in the U.S. Vantage products help every type of business, from individual sole proprietorships to large companies. Accounts include Vantage Business Checking, Vantage Commercial Checking, Vantage Business Interest Checking, and Vantage Analysis Checking.

Vantage also offers Money Market Accounts and Certificate of Deposit. With Vantage Business Money Market, you can earn more interest with greater balances while keeping your cash liquid. Maintain the flexibility to perform a few transactions each month while earning a competitive rate of interest on your business’ hard-earned money. Additionally, a Vantage Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) provides a guarantee return with fixed rates and flexible terms.

2. Treasury Management

Treasury Management Services are designed to automate and expedite any collection and funding activities.

Examples of services include Account Reconciliation, Bill Pay for Small Business, Mobile Banking, Lockbox Remittance, ACH Payments, Domestic and International Wire Transfers, and more. You can find all services under Treasury Management here.

Account Reconciliation makes reconciling your business checking accounts simple and efficient by downloading an electronic data file that can be uploaded to your accounting software.

Bill Pay gives small businesses access to powerful tools to efficiently process payments.

Mobile Banking allows you to expand your business banking capabilities with mobile services, including: view account balances, transfers, pay bills, ACH & wires, debit card control, and account alerts.

Lockbox Remittance provides you with the ability to streamline your accounts receivable process. By partnering with Vantage Bank, you can reduce administrative expenses, ensure quick and secure payment processing, have access to improved back-office efficiencies and audit controls, and receive detailed reporting and online check images.

ACH Payments allows you to save time by processing employee and vendor payments electronically. Your payments will be delivered quickly and securely.

Domestic and International Wire Transfers allow you to move funds quickly and securely, anywhere in the world. Whether submitting your wire instructions online, in-person, or via email, the process is simple and convenient.

3. Loans and Lines of Credit

Vantage has a range of loans and lines of credit for international businesses. These include loans for commercial real estate, term loans, working lines of credit, and letters of credit.

4. Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are important for cross-border business and personal finances. Vantage wire transfers move funds quickly and safely, through in-person, email, or Vantage Business Online (VBO) transfers. Wire transfers include domestic and international destinations.

Banking With Vantage Bank

Foreign nationals looking for a friendly, experienced institution to handle personal and/or business finances will find that Vantage Bank has their best interests at heart. With numerous locations throughout Texas border cities, finding a branch near you is easy.