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Avoid Scams While Shopping Online for Bargains

During the holiday season, we tend to make a lot more purchases online for travel and gifts, so it’s especially important to be vigilant about protecting your money. Here are some of the most common scams to watch for.

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Personal Banking Lobby Services

Vantage Bank offers a variety of services inside of our banking center locations. Whether you need help cashing a check or managing your safe deposit box, our banking representatives are always ready to help.

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Mobile Banking Security for Businesses - How to Keep Your Mobile Device Secure

The Vantage Bank mobile banking app is a secure, convenient, and timesaving tool for consumers. Because mobile banking is one of the most popular options for managing your accounts, security of your mobile device is essential. Here are some tips to help keep your information safe while using your mobile device for banking.

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Digital Banking Security Tips for Consumers: Internet Browsing Security

Banking online has made things easier for consumers, but it has also made things easier for thieves. Practicing safe web browsing is another way to help prevent your bank account from a breach.

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Digital Banking Security Tips for Consumers: General PC and Password Security

Creating unique passwords while following safe practices when using your PC can help keep your device secure, prevent scammers from accessing your accounts and reduce the likelihood of your accounts being hacked.

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