Send Money Streamline and automate payments for your business

Gain payment processing efficiencies for your business, from payroll to vendor payments to day-to-day bills.

ACH Payments

Save time by processing employee and vendor payments electronically with Vantage Bank's ACH Services. Your payments will be delivered quickly and securely. (1)

Types of transactions:

  • Direct Deposit offers a simple and secure way to pay your employees
  • Vendor Payments gives you the flexibility to pay your commitments and include invoice details
  • Tax Payments allow you to pay federal and state agencies
  • Disbursements provide a cost-effective way to move money to other banks
  • Child Support Payments enable you to send payments to the state
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Bill Pay

Access powerful tools to help small businesses process payments efficiently.

With Bill Pay you can:

  • set up single or recurring payments
  • include invoice information with payments
  • categorize payments for easy review and submission online
  • view 18-months of payment history
  • set up notifications to remind you when bills are due, submitted, or unpaid
  • and more. (2)
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Domestic and International Wire Transfers

Move funds quickly and securely, anywhere in the world, with Vantage Bank's wire transfer services. Whether submitting your wire instructions online, in-person, or via email, the process is simple and convenient. (3)

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Contact a Treasury Management Specialist

Our team can help you establish efficient and secure ways to send money to employees, vendors, tax and child support agencies, and more.

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