Deposit Funds Deposit Money Into Your Business Account

Deposit funds into your business accounts quickly, effortlessly, and securely.

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and reduce trips to the bank by electronically depositing checks from multiple companies or locations to Vantage Bank. Remote Deposit Capture is ideal for businesses that require:

  • high deposit limits
  • large check volumes

Our bankers work with you to determine tailored deposit controls and scanner options to fit your needs. (1)

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Mobile Deposit Capture

Small businesses can deposit individual checks on the go, anytime, using the Vantage Business Mobile app. It's as easy as taking a photo with your phone.

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Lockbox Remittance

Streamline your accounts receivable process by partnering with Vantage Bank. (1) Benefits include:

  • Reduced administrative expenses
  • Quick and secure payment processing
  • Improved back-office efficiencies and audit controls
  • Detailed reporting and online check images
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Target Balance Sweeps

Manage multiple accounts and monitor your net cash position by automatically concentrating funds from designated zero or target balance accounts. (1)

Cash Concentration

Quickly transfer funds to Vantage Bank from your business accounts at other financial institutions.

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Contact a Treasury Management Specialist

Our team can help you establish efficient and secure ways to send money to employees, vendors, tax and child support agencies, and more.

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