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The Inevitable Integration of AI and Small Business: Thoughts from Vantage Bank President/CEO Jeff Sinnott

As technology advances at a breakneck pace, one particular innovation stands out as a game-changer for small businesses: artificial intelligence (AI). The symbiotic relationship between AI and small businesses is growing, as the ways they can be mutually beneficial become more apparent with each passing day. To help small business owners like yourself better understand this ever-evolving trend, we enlisted the expertise of Vantage Bank President and CEO, Jeff Sinnott, to shed light on the deepening integration of AI and commerce — and how to stay prepared for what’s to come.

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Unlocking the Power of Blockchain: What Every Business Should Know

If you keep your ear to the ground for innovations poised to transform the business world, you've probably heard of blockchain technology. But if you're not quite sure what blockchain is or how it can benefit your business, you're in the right place.

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Invest: Dallas-Fort Worth 2022-2023 launch conference to showcase robust growth

2 min read October 2022 — Everything’s bigger in Texas, a point which rings tried and true throughout Invest: Dallas-Fort Worth 2022-2023. This first edition of the business intelligence publication from Capital Analytics Associates highlights the opportunities present throughout industries across the region, as well as the near-term horizon and long-term outlook for the future of the metroplex.

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American Banker Article

Helping banks innovate and find fintech partners

About two and a half years ago, Jeff Sinnott was talking to companies in the blockchain space to figure out if his bank, Vantage Bank Texas, might want to work with them.

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New platform aims to bridge ‘translation layer’ between banks, fintechs

Former NYDIG and Quontic Bank CIO Patrick Sells wants to speed up the length of time it takes for banks to find a fintech whose services match their needs.

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