Prevent Fraud Set up automated account protection

Proactively protect your accounts from unauthorized transactions.

Positive Pay

Partner with Vantage Bank to help prevent check fraud. Upload details including check numbers and amounts so we can verify checks as they post against your account. We'll notify you about any discrepancies so you can review the details and let us know whether we should process or return the payment.

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Positive Pay with Payee Match

Detect check fraud and internal control issues by uploading your files so we can compare check numbers, amounts, and payee lines to ensure they have not been altered. You'll get notifications about any discrepancies with options to allow us to pay or return the check.

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ACH Blocks and Filters

Set rules that allow specific ACH transactions to process automatically and identify exceptions that require your review. You'll receive notifications to approve or deny your exceptions.

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Debit Card Controls

Protect your card against fraud by turning your card on and off or restricting usage based on location, transaction amounts or merchant types – all from the Vantage Business mobile app.

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Contact a Treasury Management Specialist

Our team can help you establish efficient and secure ways to send money to employees, vendors, tax and child support agencies, and more.

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