Manuel Castillo

Commercial Relationship Manager

Two years with Vantage Bank

(713) 859-7041
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“I love helping the customer and being able to help them with their financials needs.”
Role at Vantage Bank

My role at Vantage is providing loans to the customers and helping the community understand banking in general.

Business Leadership

I have 20+ years’ experience in commercial lending, increasing client value, diversifying credit portfolios, providing strategic commercial banking solutions for companies. I also adhere to credit, banking regulations, and underwriting policies. I have a proven track record in driving business production goals to increase client capital and overall commercial growth. I'm experienced in credit renewals, analysis of banking activity and statements, as well as valuations of collateral. I have expertise in creating or finding the client's best financial solution through products, collaboration, and overall development of strategies. Additionally, I identify and mitigate risk and eliminate violations to banking policy and standards. I am an individual with integrity with banking relationships and connections in the Houston area. I'm bilingual fluency in Spanish and English as well.


What I love about the Houston community is that they are so diversified and resilient. I love how much we are willing to help each other without anybody asking for the help.

Community Service

I volunteer with the following:

-Houston Food Bank
-Lulac Houston
-the Houston Astros Foundation

Hobbies & Interests

I like exercising, biking, hiking and any thing that has to do with the outdoors. I love spending time with my family. I'm married to my wife Maria, and I have two daughters Nicole and Bianca. My family and I love any type of adventures.

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I specialize in lending, customer service and helping people with their financial needs.

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