2021 PPP Update

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Preparing Your Home Mortgage Loan Requirements

Preparing Your Home Mortgage Loan Requirements

So, you’ve decided to buy a home. This can be one of the most exciting times in your life, and can also be one of the most stressful. Having a great mortgage partner and being properly prepared is the key to a smooth and enjoyable experience...
4 Banking Services Every Small Business Needs

4 Banking Services Every Small Business Needs

If you are thinking about or have already started your own business, congratulations! Your ingenuity is what makes communities great. In recent years, surveys have shown that about half of all Americans want to start their own business...

7 Tips for Growing Your Business in El Paso TX

El Paso’s rich culture and diversity make it a great place to live and work. It’s the 6th largest city in Texas, and its central location makes it ideal for international business with Mexico and Canada. Whether you’re just...

How to Send Money to Mexico

Sending money to family or friends in Mexico can feel like a hassle. Finding a place to do it in person, paying fees - it all piles up. Luckily, Vantage Bank Texas offers a few ways to send money from Texas to Mexico, so now it’s easier and...
Wendell Cury Optimized

My Forever Bank

Wendell Curry still has the original green, zippered bag he was given when he opened his first account with Vantage Bank Texas in 1985. “I have been with Vantage Bank Texas since day one,” said Curry. “I was in line when they opened...
Mr Spammer

The Perfect Partner for My Business

With 25 years of experience in the import/export industry, Joaquin Spamer knows the value of getting things done and getting them done on time. “Our policies and procedures ease the process of importing and exporting goods between the US...
Dr Coimbra

A Bank that Helps Build a Legacy

Dr. Maria Coimbra believes family practice medicine is the foundation of health care. She founded Coimbra Family Medical Center in McAllen six months ago, after witnessing the downside of corporate medicine, which pairs financial objectives...
Harjinder Signh

Financing A Vision

“Success is not a state of being – it is a continuous process fueled by ambition and diligence.” That business philosophy has been Harjinder Singh's guiding principle ever since he came to the Rio Grande Valley from northern India 30...