Edgar L. Luengo

Senior Foreign Exchange Banker

Ten years with Vantage Bank

“I love that we work together as family.”
Role at Vantage Bank

My role at Vantage is to ensure that we always provide 110% service to all our customers and make their experience with international payments more efficient and reliable. We provide delivery of funds in minutes with competitive prices and extended operating hours.

Business Leadership

I have 8 years of experience expediting B2B payments.


The FX department is always working hand-in-hand with transport and produce companies. We are always looking for solutions on our international payments and are open to new ideas and products. We are evolving fast and enriching the community by participating in different events and creating new jobs.

Community Service

I was President of The Employee Advisory Council (EAC) of Vantage Bank from Jan. 2015 - Jan. 2020. The EAC was formed to ensure that, as a good corporate citizen, we give back to the communities we serve by participating in community events.

Hobbies & Interests

I like to travel to different countries and learn about their culture.

Contact Me About

I'm an outgoing and gregarious person that likes to learn new things. This allows me to meet new people, customers, go to different places and businesses to promote the FX business between prospects and current customers.

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